Production Sound

The final sound quality within any visual media whether it is TV or Film involving generic soundsis good as it is it’s source material.
For that reason we are using the industry standard audio equipment and collaborate with hi-end professionals in this field, boom operators, tech. assistants.
Gear list
Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel Mixer/Recorder with Time Code
Zaxcom Mix 8 chanel fader control surface
Roland Edirol R44 – 4 channel multitrack recorder
Sennheiser MKH 70 (1)
Sennheiser MKH 50 (1)
Rode NTG 3 supercardioid Gunmic (1)
Oktava MK 012 (3)
Audio LTD 2020 radio mic transmitter (10)
Audio LTD 2020 true diversity radio mic receiver (10)
Audio LTD passive phantom power module (3)
Audio LTD Dipole booster antenna (4)
Audio LTD RK4 rack  (1)
Audio LTD RK2 rack (1)
Sanken COS 11 Lapel mic (6)
TRAM 50 Lapel mic (2)
Sennheiser ME 2 Lapel mic (1)
Hawk Woods APR 1 twin receiver rack (1)
IEM Sennheiser G3 transmitter (2)
IEM Sennheiser G3 receiver (5)
IEM Garwood transmitter (1)
IEM Garwood receiver (4)Sennheiser ME66 supercardioid gunmic(1)
Sony Vaio 17.3″ with ProTools 11HD playback system
Yagi Arri antenna (2)
Rycote Zeppelin w/winshield and pistol grip (4)
Panamic Maxi boom pole (1)
Panamic mini boom pole (1)
Rode mini boom pole (1)
Headphones Sony MDR 7506 (3)
Headphones Sennheiser HD 25 SP II (1)
Headphones various (10)
Swit 2 way Li-ion Np1 battery charger
Swit Li-ion Np1 battery (2)
Sony NP1 NiCd battery (4)
Batteries Lead Acid 12 V (2)
Batteries Lead Acid 6V (2)
Sony Battery Charger NP 1 (1)
iPower Battery Charger 9V (2)
iPower 9V battery (12)
Battery Charger AA (3)
ProEl mic stand (1)
Audio equipment harness (1)
Petrol mixer bag (1)
Petrol Harness (1)
Black Magic Design Duo Monitor SDI (1)
Transcendent CF 32 GB  (2)
Transcendent CF 16 GB  (2)
Cables and accessories
Cases and Bags (7)
Sound cart (1)


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